Hi, we are Pico Brothers, a creative app development team from Finland. We are passionate about what we do. This is probably why we are good at it. We have developed more than a hundred and sixty apps and games for our users to enjoy, and have more than 200 Million downloads.

 It is simple- we endeavor to make mobile phones more fun!

The ease of dealing with us is that we are your friends. We try to create apps that help you make life easy and more fun.

We started working on creative apps for mobile phones in 2009. We have been developing interactive, fun, and utility apps for people across all ages. There is something for everyone; entertainment, utilities, games, and fun in myriad forms!

Our focus is to create user friendly content. We don’t want our users to struggle to understand the app. We want to bring convenience for you and have a keen eye on making our apps intuitive.

Mobile-phones and other handheld devices suppport our apps, that we create for the iOS, Windows phone, Android, and the Symbian platforms. These are fun applications and games created for all walks of life. With high-end graphics and remarkable user-friendliness, our applications have minimalistic designs, and are programmed to ensure that they are as simple as they are useful.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

–          Leonardo da Vinci


Two’s Company and the Third is our Dog!

Our home in chilly Vaasa, Finland, is a curiosity workshop. The two of us and our dog, dig and hunt for ideas for fun apps you so love in your hands! As we say it for the umpteenth time,it is your reactions and suggestions that guide and motivate us. We have all the time in the world to satisfy you.

Want to feel the thrill of using your phone the way you want to use it?

Just visit the app store and discover the zing that our technology can get you!

We also take care to have any improvements that you suggest in our next apps. Just let us know and we will ensure you don’t have a problem the next time! We happily would love to lend our ears and have our users saying ’yay’!